The Fresno Holding

The Fresno holding is built in the ruins of some suburban area, only a small section of former Fresno. It’s run by a madman named Doghead, who no one particularly likes, but no one particularly dislikes him either (or at least no one has stood against him thus far). He’s in the habit of doing weird shit like hiring folks to run guns to raiders and being rather public about it.

The holding itself is surrounded by a ten-foot chain-link-and-metal-plate fence, punctuated by a wooden-and-metal watchtower every so often. There are three major neighborhoods, or wards: the Poor Ward (violence, disease, and a lot of tents), the Luxe Ward (mostly blown-out office buildings and rather intact basements), and the Trade Ward (which is twice as big as any of the other wards). Right smack in the center of everything—evenly spaced into all the wards—is Slinky’s, the town watering hole (which Mar burned down when Look attacked).

Doghead lives in the Luxe Ward, in a three-story (gasp) blown-out office building that’s been reinforced and fenced off from the rest of the compound. He’s got his own special security goons running the show over there.

A sumbitch named III runs the Bazaar, which is in the Trade Ward pushed up against the northeast corner of Fresno. Directly south of that is Old Sal’s Garage, a place where you can buy and sell almost anything relating to vehicles (and by anything I mean a bunch of broken shit no one really cares about). The real draw to the Garage, though, is Old Sal herself—she’s one mean mechanic when it comes to wheeled vehicles. Secure your part elsewhere and come to Old Sal to get the work done.

There is a subway station entrance nearby, and numerous means of ingress into the mostly-intact sewer system.

The Fresno Holding

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