Sin's Letters

Letter #2117, inside the Doctor’s ethereal hospital

Hello, sweetling. I’ve come into some good fortune today. Well, good and bad, but you’ve always taught me the two go together, like peas in a pod. Ducks in a row. Whiskey and hurt feelings. Knives and death. Warm, pooling blood and a list of witnesses.

Sorry, dearest, I got distracted. I’m returning to the subject at hand. We indicate that by saying, “anyway” and sighing.

I met a new friend of yours, Audrey the driver. She opened her mind to you at the moment of another’s death. An intimate moment. Were you harmed, sweetling? I’ll keep an eye on her.

After Slinky’s bar exploded, we spoke briefly, but you were cold to me, darling. Why? What did I do to upset you? Is it because I talked to Audrey? You know I only have your best interests in mind. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Say, do you remember how we met, sweetling? It’s always been so clear to me, but since then I can’t seem to recall anymore when we first embraced. Remind me. I know you remember. You remember everything for me. My secret-keeper.

I got hurt in the escape, dearest. It was quite painful… though nothing compared to your coldness earlier on. How you wound me, sweetling! I cannot bear your rejection! (Now we are quarreling. I’m sorry. I forgive you. You say that last part.) Jav, the doctor, healed me in a strange room I’ve seen before. It’s part of you, isn’t it sweetling. When I’m away, you allow this man to inhabit you and do his work. His tools appear from nothing. You’re the one offering them, aren’t you. I’m suspicious of him, but he saved my life, and so can’t be all bad. I will watch him as well, and if I find you do not want to hand him his tools… if he is making you do it… I will protect you. I alway protect you.

So both bad and good. You were upset, but I made friends. I was shot, but I did not die, and here in the doctor’s room, I am all better. It would be rude of me to die before you are safe, sweetling. Others don’t understand your needs as I do. You should trust me more. I can be a secret-keeper too, sweetling. Won’t you share your burden?

We are forever,

Sin's Letters

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