Important NPCs

Doghead. Hardholder of Fresno. Tall, long hair, slow deep voice. Jagged scar over left eye. Selling guns to raiders out in the Wastes, much to the confusion (or is it concern?) of everyone in Fresno. Look seems to have converted him to her cause in some way. Appears to be gathering raiders.

Twice. *Doghead*’s lieutenant. Hispanic, wears a fedora. Likes Heron, like a lot, but sent her packing after the fiasco at Slinky’s. Lives in the Luxe Ward, in a blown-out office building with an intact basement. He’s made the place quite livable, as far as the standards in the Fresno holding go.

[DECEASED] Corbett and Wise. Gate guards at Fresno. Wise really liked Audrey’s car.

Barker. Audrey’s father and wasteland warlord. Lives somewhere out in the wastes in a fortress of stone and spikes. Currently in the Maze, according to the raiders at his outpost.

Rothschild. We found him in the Maelstrom; can we keep him, ma, can we please? Seems to have taken an interest in the crew, and maintains some sort of cult.

Look. Dremmer’s (ex) girlfriend. Leads the majority of Dremmer’s old gang. The members that weren’t with Dremmer when he was killed rallied around the beautiful and charismatic (and also completely batshit) Look. Wants revenge on Audrey; possibly others.

III, runs the Fresno market place. Oily, ruthless salesmen. No one really likes him, and he returns the favor.

Slinky. Owner of Slinky’s, the bar in Fresno. Has a son named Huge who tangled with Mar. Huge did not come out ahead.

[DECEASED] Huge. Is not that big. Bad at poker. Terrified of Mar. Currently lives with his ma, Slinky.

Shithead. Leader of the gangers in Shitstain. Dealt amicably with Audrey when the arms deal went down.

Spam. Shithead’s right-hand man. On the up-and-up as far as shitwad raiders go, but he has a stupid wispy mustache that he likes to twirl around his fingers like some fuckjob villain from those pre-disaster moving pictures.

Hugo. One of Barker’s raiders. Usually rolls with his fellow raider, Blank.

Blank. Another of Barker’s raiders. Is never without his pal Hugo.

Roark. Barker’s armorer and quartermaster. Known for his reasonable manner.

Biff. Barker’s second and Audrey’s non-blood uncle. Is concerned about Barker’s mental health.

Important NPCs

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