A gentleman with sour breath and weak, searching hands. He's creepy.


The Brainer.


  • Cool +1
  • Hard +1
  • Hot -2
  • Sharp +1
  • Weird +2


  • An man in high formal wear, with a smooth face, soft eyes, and a crippled body.
  • Looks a little like Tim Curry.


  • Audrey the Driver: +1
  • Jav the Doc: +1
  • Mar the Battlebabe: =0
  • Heron the Skinner: =0

Gear and Barter

  • hidden knives (2-harm hand infinite)
  • violation glove (hand hi-tech)
  • brain relay (area, close, hi-tech)
  • 5-barter of oddiments
  • fraying tuxedo with patches of red plaid

Brainer moves

  • Deep brain scan
  • In-brain puppet strings
  • Direct-brain whisper projection




  • A new brainer move

Fun facts

  • Sin’s a creepy meddler with mysterious, twisted goals of his own.
  • He wants to be close to people, especially if they’ve encountered the psychic maelstrom.
  • He cares… a little too much. Stop stroking my hand.
  • He is very protective of the maelstrom.
  • His tuxedo is tattered, and the larger holes are patched with red plaid flannel.
  • His right hand is deformed due to an unknown accident. It’s basically a claw. He uses melted wax and a (violation) glove to make it appear vaguely normal, but it’s not convincing.
  • He writes letters to the maelstrom. Not sure how he delivers them.

The psychic maelstrom and YOU

  • Lost memory: Sin escaped from some psychologically scarring event late in childhood by opening his mind to the maelstrom. The maelstrom embraced and coddled him, and Sin fell in love.


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