Tales from the Wasteland

The Story Thus Far

We find ourselves in the Wasteland surrounding what was once Fresno, California. Our heroes make their homes in a small holding run by a madman named Doghead.

Thus far, our heroes have run guns to raiders at the behest of the hardholder of Fresno, murdered the leader of a gang of a bloodthirsty biker gang (and earned the ire of his girlfriend), and generally kept to their own devices while the world slowly burns around them.

People have been shot, stabbed, strung-out and plain ol’ murdered. Homes have been wrecked, enemies have been made, and hope in the Wasteland continues to wane.

There’s a new cat in town, a fellow that goes by the name of Sin and brings oddness in his wake.

What does the future hold for this little patch of poisoned earth these people call home?



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