Tales from the Wasteland

The Fall of Slinky's

or Why Look is Fucking Insane

Audrey, Heron, Jav, and Mar all moseyed on over to Slinky’s after a misunderstanding with some raiders (“Hey uh… you guys sold us the guns. Why are you attacking us?” “Oh, our bad, carry on”). Audrey told her mates about her run-in with the psychic maelstrom and why she had a corpse in the front seat of her car.

“You see, I needed information,” she explained. The crew was nonplussed. A new (and creepy) face made itself known: Sin, the Brainer, started asking questions after overhearing Audrey’s conversation about the maelstrom.

Before much in the way of introductions could be made (aside from Jav leaving in disgust and Mar pulling his gun on Sin just as soon as the Brainer gave his name), the back wall of the bar erupted into flames and glass shrapnel. Look had finally arrived for Audrey and co! Heron and Jav were safe in the lap of some hunky fellow and outside the bar, respectively, but the rest of our heroes got a face full of flame, wood, and glass.

Through sagacious use of Heron’s stripper-fu and Mar’s propensity for violence, the crew managed to escape the bar and get into their vehicles. Mar had lit the joint on fire, though, and Slinky was last seen inside, unconscious. Jav braved the flames with his kit, stabilized her, and carried her into Audrey’s car before bolting with the rest of the crew.

After the remaining raiders gave chase and a gunfight ensued, our beleaguered and bullet-ridden heroes were in bad shape on the side of the road, having damaged all of their vehicles to various degrees. Jav saved the day with his creepy powers, but not without dragging Audrey and himself into the maelstrom. Sin and Slinky followed, with respective willing and unwillingness.

This is where we left our heroes, standing in the serene and sanitized halls of the hospital construct inside of Jav’s personal section of the maelstrom. Jav asked for and received medical equipment from an invisible assistant, Audrey noticed the dead (and whole) bodies of her former gangers, and Sin came face-to-face with a mysterious man known as Rothschild.

Mar, he just stood in the dust of the real world, like he always has.



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