Tales from the Wasteland

Fresno, Fall'n


After the run-in with the remnants of Look’s gang, Jav needed to get back to Fresno to get his supplies out of Twice’s basement. Heron agreed to go into town with him, while Audrey and Mar hid out near the car, ready to provide covering fire and make a quick escape.

Fresno had changed. The ruins of Slinky’s had been picked clean, and unfamiliar faces with big guns stood around town keeping watch on things. Mar and Audrey were wanted folks, and by association so were Heron and Jav, but Heron managed to get Jav into Twice’s place.

There they heard the click of automatic weapons being brought to bear in the dark, and Twice stepped out of the shadows.

“You’re here for the doc’s stuff, right? Take it and get out. Come here again and I’ll bring you straight to Doghead,” he said.

“I liked you, you know,” Heron replied.

Twice could only look away in silence.

Jav got his gear and Heron got him out of town, where they made their way to Barker’s fortress, which was located somewhere in the north according to Audrey. After a run-in with a crazed cultist (and after drawing the attention of a nearby pack of cultists on horseback as the result of a blown Open Your Brain roll), they made it to Barker’s fortress.

The place had changed. There was a spiked moat and drawbridge, watchtowers with mean-looking men holding assault rifles, and stone walls surrounding the place. Biff, Audrey’s “uncle”, met the crew as they were let in (“Audrey? Hot shit, lower the gate!”). Slinky was taken up to the top floor on a make-shift stretcher, and Audrey caught up with Biff while Mar bartered for a scope and a shotgun from Roark, the armorer.

Jav tended to Slinky and his comrades as best they could (though no one acquiesced to his “magic hands”), Heron secured supplies for the road by promised Roark that s/he’d “take care of his boys”, and Audrey was warned to make herself scarce before Barker came back.

“Your dad’s a bit… nutty since you and your brother left, love,” Biff explained.

“How do you mean, nutty?” Audrey asked.

“Well for one he made us old guard change our names to things that started with ‘B’, darlin’. That kinda nutty.’’



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