Tales from the Wasteland

A Symphony of Sound and Fury

Into the Maelstrom

The crew had been at Barker’s stronghold for almost a month. Things were going well, more or less, but the jingle was running low and the raiders were looking to send their friends (friends of the boss’s daughter or not) packin’. Heron managed to get her fingers around just about everyone in the stronghold, so she had picked up on a few conversations about some place called the Airfield.

The Airfield, Biff explained, was a military outpost that had been taken over by some seriously organized motherfuckers. They were kitted out in full milspec arms and armor, and they had well-maintained ground vehicles (jeeps) with MG mounts on ’em. Fucked up!

Jav was taking care of Heron, who had not gotten better. He figured there must be some fucked-up shit going on in the maelstrom, so he took a jump inside. This time it was different — he didn’t end up in Slinky’s room in the psychic hospital. He ended up in the pitch-black darkness of the basement. After finding his way up to Slinky’s room, he encountered what amounted to brains with beetle legs and mandibles scuttling around they place. They seemed to ignore him.

Oddly enough, the way to Slinky’s room was locked. Jav quickly produced his ID card (what the fuck is an ID card?) and slotted it into the electronic lock. “ERROR. ACCESS DENIED BY DR. ROTHSCHILD.” Who the fuck was Dr. Rothschild? Jav reached for his shotgun, and pulled out a flaming spear. What the fuck!

Anyway, Jav was never one to question providence. He easily sliced the lock off the door with his flaming phallus. A crack and a sizzle, and in he went!

Slinky was there, but alarm klaxons started to sound and red lights flickered on and off. Fuck! No time. Her bed was covered in those brain beetles, who seemed to be siphoning off some ephemeral red fluid from her body. Jav brandished his spear, and they assaulted him with their mandibles. He got torn bloody, but he managed to get to Slinky.

“Hey. Wake up.”

And her body disappeared, leaving only Jav, the beetles, and the sound of approaching bootsteps. No way out but a closed window on the wall across from the door. Jav vaulted through using his spear…

And smashed through the window on the third floor of Barker’s stronghold, where Slinky was unconscious.

WHAT THE FUCK?!” Mar shouted, pulling his pistol.

“Mar… just… not now.” Jav mumbled, covered in bruises.

“You just crashed in through a third-story window! THE GLASS IS ON THE INSIDE!”

“Mar… just shut up. Shut up!”

If you think this was crazy, traveler, just wait until I tell you about their raid on the Airfield. Ain’t no one in the Wastes ever done something so perfectly.



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