Tales from the Wasteland

A Symphony of Sound and Fury
Into the Maelstrom

The crew had been at Barker’s stronghold for almost a month. Things were going well, more or less, but the jingle was running low and the raiders were looking to send their friends (friends of the boss’s daughter or not) packin’. Heron managed to get her fingers around just about everyone in the stronghold, so she had picked up on a few conversations about some place called the Airfield.

The Airfield, Biff explained, was a military outpost that had been taken over by some seriously organized motherfuckers. They were kitted out in full milspec arms and armor, and they had well-maintained ground vehicles (jeeps) with MG mounts on ’em. Fucked up!

Jav was taking care of Heron, who had not gotten better. He figured there must be some fucked-up shit going on in the maelstrom, so he took a jump inside. This time it was different — he didn’t end up in Slinky’s room in the psychic hospital. He ended up in the pitch-black darkness of the basement. After finding his way up to Slinky’s room, he encountered what amounted to brains with beetle legs and mandibles scuttling around they place. They seemed to ignore him.

Oddly enough, the way to Slinky’s room was locked. Jav quickly produced his ID card (what the fuck is an ID card?) and slotted it into the electronic lock. “ERROR. ACCESS DENIED BY DR. ROTHSCHILD.” Who the fuck was Dr. Rothschild? Jav reached for his shotgun, and pulled out a flaming spear. What the fuck!

Anyway, Jav was never one to question providence. He easily sliced the lock off the door with his flaming phallus. A crack and a sizzle, and in he went!

Slinky was there, but alarm klaxons started to sound and red lights flickered on and off. Fuck! No time. Her bed was covered in those brain beetles, who seemed to be siphoning off some ephemeral red fluid from her body. Jav brandished his spear, and they assaulted him with their mandibles. He got torn bloody, but he managed to get to Slinky.

“Hey. Wake up.”

And her body disappeared, leaving only Jav, the beetles, and the sound of approaching bootsteps. No way out but a closed window on the wall across from the door. Jav vaulted through using his spear…

And smashed through the window on the third floor of Barker’s stronghold, where Slinky was unconscious.

WHAT THE FUCK?!” Mar shouted, pulling his pistol.

“Mar… just… not now.” Jav mumbled, covered in bruises.

“You just crashed in through a third-story window! THE GLASS IS ON THE INSIDE!”

“Mar… just shut up. Shut up!”

If you think this was crazy, traveler, just wait until I tell you about their raid on the Airfield. Ain’t no one in the Wastes ever done something so perfectly.

Fresno, Fall'n

After the run-in with the remnants of Look’s gang, Jav needed to get back to Fresno to get his supplies out of Twice’s basement. Heron agreed to go into town with him, while Audrey and Mar hid out near the car, ready to provide covering fire and make a quick escape.

Fresno had changed. The ruins of Slinky’s had been picked clean, and unfamiliar faces with big guns stood around town keeping watch on things. Mar and Audrey were wanted folks, and by association so were Heron and Jav, but Heron managed to get Jav into Twice’s place.

There they heard the click of automatic weapons being brought to bear in the dark, and Twice stepped out of the shadows.

“You’re here for the doc’s stuff, right? Take it and get out. Come here again and I’ll bring you straight to Doghead,” he said.

“I liked you, you know,” Heron replied.

Twice could only look away in silence.

Jav got his gear and Heron got him out of town, where they made their way to Barker’s fortress, which was located somewhere in the north according to Audrey. After a run-in with a crazed cultist (and after drawing the attention of a nearby pack of cultists on horseback as the result of a blown Open Your Brain roll), they made it to Barker’s fortress.

The place had changed. There was a spiked moat and drawbridge, watchtowers with mean-looking men holding assault rifles, and stone walls surrounding the place. Biff, Audrey’s “uncle”, met the crew as they were let in (“Audrey? Hot shit, lower the gate!”). Slinky was taken up to the top floor on a make-shift stretcher, and Audrey caught up with Biff while Mar bartered for a scope and a shotgun from Roark, the armorer.

Jav tended to Slinky and his comrades as best they could (though no one acquiesced to his “magic hands”), Heron secured supplies for the road by promised Roark that s/he’d “take care of his boys”, and Audrey was warned to make herself scarce before Barker came back.

“Your dad’s a bit… nutty since you and your brother left, love,” Biff explained.

“How do you mean, nutty?” Audrey asked.

“Well for one he made us old guard change our names to things that started with ‘B’, darlin’. That kinda nutty.’’

The Fall of Slinky's
or Why Look is Fucking Insane

Audrey, Heron, Jav, and Mar all moseyed on over to Slinky’s after a misunderstanding with some raiders (“Hey uh… you guys sold us the guns. Why are you attacking us?” “Oh, our bad, carry on”). Audrey told her mates about her run-in with the psychic maelstrom and why she had a corpse in the front seat of her car.

“You see, I needed information,” she explained. The crew was nonplussed. A new (and creepy) face made itself known: Sin, the Brainer, started asking questions after overhearing Audrey’s conversation about the maelstrom.

Before much in the way of introductions could be made (aside from Jav leaving in disgust and Mar pulling his gun on Sin just as soon as the Brainer gave his name), the back wall of the bar erupted into flames and glass shrapnel. Look had finally arrived for Audrey and co! Heron and Jav were safe in the lap of some hunky fellow and outside the bar, respectively, but the rest of our heroes got a face full of flame, wood, and glass.

Through sagacious use of Heron’s stripper-fu and Mar’s propensity for violence, the crew managed to escape the bar and get into their vehicles. Mar had lit the joint on fire, though, and Slinky was last seen inside, unconscious. Jav braved the flames with his kit, stabilized her, and carried her into Audrey’s car before bolting with the rest of the crew.

After the remaining raiders gave chase and a gunfight ensued, our beleaguered and bullet-ridden heroes were in bad shape on the side of the road, having damaged all of their vehicles to various degrees. Jav saved the day with his creepy powers, but not without dragging Audrey and himself into the maelstrom. Sin and Slinky followed, with respective willing and unwillingness.

This is where we left our heroes, standing in the serene and sanitized halls of the hospital construct inside of Jav’s personal section of the maelstrom. Jav asked for and received medical equipment from an invisible assistant, Audrey noticed the dead (and whole) bodies of her former gangers, and Sin came face-to-face with a mysterious man known as Rothschild.

Mar, he just stood in the dust of the real world, like he always has.

The Story Thus Far

We find ourselves in the Wasteland surrounding what was once Fresno, California. Our heroes make their homes in a small holding run by a madman named Doghead.

Thus far, our heroes have run guns to raiders at the behest of the hardholder of Fresno, murdered the leader of a gang of a bloodthirsty biker gang (and earned the ire of his girlfriend), and generally kept to their own devices while the world slowly burns around them.

People have been shot, stabbed, strung-out and plain ol’ murdered. Homes have been wrecked, enemies have been made, and hope in the Wasteland continues to wane.

There’s a new cat in town, a fellow that goes by the name of Sin and brings oddness in his wake.

What does the future hold for this little patch of poisoned earth these people call home?


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